La Cigale Hotel, Doha

La Cigale, Doha.

I chose this hotel for it’s luxury to celebrate our 10th date anniversary. Our reservation included the lunch as well as the breakfast. Our stay was enjoyable in all aspects and exceeded our exceptions.

Check In:

We requested an early check in and our request was accepted. Everything went very smooth and the check in lady was very welcoming and always smiling. Our bags were taken at the main hotel door and sent later to our room. We were informed that our room was upgraded to a white room category. We had no idea what is a white room but it is certainly one of the best categories that they offer.

The Room:

As I do most of the times when I have an occasion, I called the hotel a week prior to arriving to set up a small decoration for the honeymoon celebration. An email is usually preferred but in our case my wife friend is working in the hotel and she was a great help. We were really lucky to have her arrange everything.

The room was decorated in a lovely way with red roses all over the floor, in the bath tub and on bed. A cake with fruits and some cheeses as well as a bottle of wine were left with a lovely note from our adorable friend Rayan.

Other than the decoration, the white rooms offer a great space with a huge bathroom and lovely bath tub including smart lighting.

Beds are very comfortable and spacious. The extra amenities in the room cover everything from a tooth brush to shower sponge and all in between. You name it they have it ready in the room!

The Friday Brunch:

Just remembering and writing about the Friday brunch in La Cigale will make your jaw drops! All food were super fresh, super yummy and the variety was expectational. I’ve been into more than 50 buffets lunch or dinner in the last 5 years in Doha and this is now my number 1. A brunch not to be missed at all! Specially the Kunafah 🙂

 The Breakfast:

Breakfast was lovely with plenty to choose from. If you missed the Kunafah from the brunch now is the time to try it! The freshness in the food is something I can still taste in my mouth till this very moment.

The Pool:

The hotel offers an internal good size pool with a Jacuzzi next to it. The water temperature was controlled and maintained fresh (In Doha the heat is very high). Other facilities include a Gym, sauna, massage rooms… You will each be offered a towel and complimentary water.

Check Out:

Check out was very smooth and we were offered a late check out.


This hotel deserve all the 5 stars. All staff are professional and smiling. Rayan was very nice and made our stay a memory that will be always remembered.